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  • Hackers target few crypto users by exploiting SS7 protocols

    In what is said to be a targeted attack at cryptocurrency users, hackers have exploited the Signaling System 7 (SS7) which is a set of protocols used to perform telephone […]

  • dappatoz

    Dappatoz proudly presents DCASH. Learn more!

    Are you excited to start investing in cryptocurrencies? With dozen coins being launched every month, making the best pick is the most difficult task. However, fear no more, because crypto […]

  • Mangu Innovation

    Sensation in Central Asia

    Startup is an innovative project that has been operating since 2018 in Uzbekistan. is an active resident of IT PARK which supports projects on the territory of the […]

  • excore finance

    ExCore Sales started and Impressive Staking

    ExCore is a new and rapidly growing cryptocurrency that stands to eliminate inflation. Because there is a finite supply and no new tokens will ever be released, your investment in […]

  • epoxydao

    EpoxyDAO – Bringing Crypto and eCommerce together

    To mitigate the volatility associated with cryptocurrencies, stablecoins have come out as the next big thing in eCommerce. These are cryptocurrencies that provide a safe harbor to traders, similar to […]

  • dappatoz

    Blockchain Applications made Simpler with Dappatoz

    Anyone who has been following the crypto market, banking, or investing would be aware of what blockchain is and its power. Blockchain is the revolutionary record-keeping technology behind the success […]

  • MedicalVeda

    MedicalVeda Announces a Defi Based Medical Health Care Protocol

    MedicalVeda, a Canada based medical-tech company, has recently announced a strategic partnership with ExMarkets — a leading launchpad for blockchain projects. Under this partnership, MedicalVeda will offer its native token […]

  • Ethereum Investors Continue Moving ETH out of Exchanges and into Defi

    Ethereum Moved from Exchanges to DeFi is Continually Growing According to the report, Ethereum investors have been continually withdrawing their ETH from centralized exchanges and into DeFi smart contracts beginning […]

  • dappatoz

    Dappatoz ICO success story: Asian Sales Sold Out

    What is Dappatoz? Dappatoz is mobile application, that has user-friendly platform marketplace, enabling blockchain applications for major ecosystems and running seamlessly without requiring any specific technological expertise. Dappatoz Player is […]

  • Brace Yourself!!! DAPPATOZ mobile application is coming soon

    Decentralized applications, also known as dApps, are applications running on well-known tokens such as Ethereum, Tron and EOS and decentralized applications allow these tokens to achieve their full potential. Even […]