2022 TRON launches the latest cloud mining platform | The best withdrawal proof!

2022 TRON launches cloud mining platform RaineTRX.com

RaineTRX is a global legal digital currency mining investment company with users all over the world, providing users with the most stable, long-term and efficient income. We promote the project to increase the popularity of TRX and attract traffic, let the world know that promoting TRX or investing in TRX can make money, which means that the market value of TRX can be higher, the value generated will become part of the investor’s income, and the deposit will be valid for life. The more you invest, the higher your return (steady income in the long run). After the TRX deposit is completed, you will automatically receive the income every 24 hours.

Professional mining integrity company, the only official website: https://www.rainetrx.com

Legal White Paper: https://rainetrx.com/TRXBCMINING.pdf

Google Play: RaineTRX

Official Telegram customer service: https://t.me/rainetrx106

Official Telegram Channel: https://t.me/raine_trx

There are three ways to make money on the platform

  1. Top-up the basic account, the basic account will generate profits every day due to mining, (you need to actively withdraw profits every day), which is a permanent and stable income, the more the top-up principal, the higher the daily return.

Accumulated deposit of 5TRX to 30000TRX, you can withdraw 2.80% profit every day

Accumulated deposit of 30001TRX to 200000TRX, withdraw 3.60% profit every day

Accumulated deposit of 200001TRX to 500000TRX can withdraw 4.70% profit every day

Accumulative deposit of 500001TRX to 800000TRX can withdraw 5.90% profit every day

Accumulated investment of 800001TRX to 1200000TRX, can withdraw 6.80% profit every day

Cumulative investment of 1200001TRX to 1800000TRX, 7.90% profit can be withdrawn every day

Cumulative investment of 1800001TRX to 999999999TRX, 10% profit can be withdrawn every day

  1. Choose to invest regularly to get a return, the longer the investment period, the higher the return will be generated

The cycle is 3 days, the income ratio is 2.00%, and the investment quota is 5TRX-1000TRX

The cycle is 10 days, the income ratio is 0.80%, and the investment quota is 1000TRX-1000000TRX

The cycle is 18 days, the income ratio is 0.90%, and the investment quota is 3000TRX-2000000TRX

The cycle is 30 days, the income ratio is 1.10%, and the investment quota is 7000TRX-3000000TRX

The cycle is 100 days, the income ratio is 3.30%, and the investment quota is 50000TRX-5000000TRX

The cycle is 120 days, the income ratio is 3.90%, and the investment quota is 100000TRX-10000000TRX

The principal and profit can be collected at one time at the end of the cycle or continue to be transferred to the basic account to obtain mining income

  1. Choose zero principal to get a return, share your own link and invite subordinates to recharge and invest, the more subordinates invest, the higher the return

To get the principal and get the reward is to share your invitation link with friends or others and forward it to social media such as Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, etc., earn promotion income through their registration and recharge, and you invite recharged users The more you earn, the more income you will get. The commission for the promotion income can be withdrawn in full or transferred to the basic account for cloud mining, with a maximum deposit ratio of 18%.

Invitation Deposit Bonus:

Tier 1 user bonus 10%

Level 2 user bonus 5%

Level 3 user bonus 3%

You invite A to register and deposit, A is your first-level subordinate A invites B to register for deposit, B is your second-level subordinate B invites C to register for deposit, C is your third-level subordinate to promote users The more invitations, the more income

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