BNY Mellon Bank x Alpha AI Investment Signing Ceremony: A Milestone for Financial Technology and Artificial Intelligence Integration

AlphaAI, a company focused on innovation and leveraging artificial intelligence technology to achieve excess returns in the financial market, held a grand investment signing ceremony with BNY Mellon Bank on October 20, 2023, in New York City. This signing ceremony was an essential handshake between AlphaAI and BNY Mellon Bank, a perfect combination of technology and finance and an innovative exploration of the future financial market.

A former Open AI technical team founded AlphaAI, headquartered in New York. The company is committed to providing customers with efficient, stable, sustainable investment solutions. In early 2023, AlphaAI successfully received a $10 million investment from BNY Mellon Bank’s blockchain startup fund, which undoubtedly recognized its strong technical capabilities and promising development prospects.

The representatives at the signing ceremony were David Paul, CEO of Alpha AI, and Dermot McDonogh, CFO of BNY Mellon Bank. During the ceremony, Dermot McDonogh expressed high admiration for the passion and perseverance of the AlphaAI team and their vision for the future. He said, “BNY Mellon Bank has full confidence in AlphaAI’s strong technical strength and excellent development prospects and believes that AlphaAI will lead the new trend of financial technology.” The investment in AlphaAI is one of BNY Mellon Bank’s initiatives to expand its presence in artificial intelligence and explore the potential of financial technology and artificial intelligence integration.

Alpha AI CEO David Paul also expressed deep gratitude for the investment from BNY Mellon Bank. He said, “We are very pleased to receive an investment from a well-known financial institution with a strong global impact. It recognizes our technology and encourages and confirms our future development.” He added that this strategic investment will open up new development opportunities for AlphaAI, and the company will take this opportunity to continue promoting the application and development of artificial intelligence technology in the financial sector.

At the climax of the signing ceremony, BNY Mellon Bank presented a $10 million cheque to AlphaAI, marking the official start of their cooperation and symbolizing the entry of AlphaAI into a new stage of development.

Following the signing ceremony, David Paul and Dermot McDonogh accepted on-site media interviews and engaged in in-depth discussions on hot topics such as artificial intelligence cooperation and progress. They expressed great expectations and confidence in the “AI era” from both financial technology and artificial intelligence perspectives.

About AlphaAI

AlphaAI is an innovative company that uses artificial intelligence technology to achieve excess returns in the financial market. Headquartered in New York City, it was founded by a former Open AI technical team. AlphaAI aims to provide customers with efficient, stable, and sustainable investment solutions. In early 2023, AlphaAI received a $10 million investment from BNY Mellon Bank’s blockchain startup fund.

About BNY Mellon Bank

BNY Mellon Bank is a global financial services company headquartered in New York City, established in 1784, making it one of the oldest banks in the United States. Its business covers investment banking, asset management, securities trading, wealth management, private banking, and other areas. In recent years, BNY Mellon Bank has invested heavily in resources and effort in financial technology, actively promoting digital transformation and innovation.

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